James Wilson Insurance Brokers
James Wilson ()

Your patience, commitment and attention to detail is just outstanding – the client and I are very fortunate to have you - our industry is a better place with you and our LMI client advocates in it.

I really can’t thank you enough. 

It was a huge relief yesterday to know that before even calling me you had already committed to visiting site and sorting this out immediately.

I can’t explain how much comfort it gave me.

This reflects your consistent commitment from day one of this claim.

I also can’t imagine how big your personal workload is and what you sacrificed yesterday to mitigate this scenario – thank you.

21 June 2017
MGA Insurance Brokers
Matthew Ward (Broker)

Good morning Erik,

Thanks for the note. 

Getting LMI on board at the very beginning of this process is why this claim was settled so quickly and to the extreme satisfaction of our client.  Without yourself managing the claims preparation, I know for a fact that the outcome that has been achieved, in the time frame it has, would not have happened.  Furthermore, the huge benefit of your service was the manner in which you helped our client to manage their expectations of the claim and also the behind the scenes counselling you did with them as they struggled, mentally, to deal with this loss.

We are lucky to have LMI at our finger tips and as I have mentioned to you before this service that you provide should promoted more as we couldn’t have achieved this result without your help.

Thanks again.

Kind regards


26 September 2016
Campbell Maher Meads
Peter Steven ()

Good afternoon

Just a short note of thanks for sending Des along to the meeting on Friday.

He will no doubt say that he didn’t do that much, but let me assure you that the reason the outcome was as it was, was because of his experience and input, in making sure that it all flowed in the direction he knew it should and that the desired outcome was achieved.

I said to the insured from day one, if it isn’t a claim, then it isn’t a claim, and if it is then we will fight to get you nothing less and nothing more than a fair and reasonable settlement.  Des’ knowledge and experience in pushing that an ‘event’ had already triggered a policy response and it went from there.

Again, thanks very much, as I am sure that this claim may well still be floundering in the breeze without Des’ input.

Again, many thanks to you both, and also thanks to Des.


Peter Steven

Campbell Maher Meads Pty Ltd

19 September 2016
Mel's Take Away
Melinda (Owner )

Received to the team at LMI VIC including Des Reaby, Elle Cody and Nicola Crouch - 

"With all the stress and grief that followed after the loss of our business, I just wanted to let you know that you guys have been more than just loss adjusters, you have kept me calm and level headed and I want to thank you before I forget. It's important to know that people appreciate when you do your job well and go above and beyond dealing with people during an emotional rollercoaster.

So thanks


16 September 2016
Stephen Brown (Business Director)

Lionsville was most fortunate to secure the services of LMI and in particular Des Reaby who assisted in the preparation, management and then the negotiation of the settlement of an extremely large complex claim for a building and its contents on site at Lionsville in Essendon.

Throughout the process Des was very professional, most knowledgeable in his communications, expertise and then contact with the various contractors that assisted Lionsville with the claim process.

Without Des’s involvement I am of the belief that Lionsville could not have achieved the result which it did, especially in such a short time frame, which had some underlying pressure and demands.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Reaby or LMI and whilst I hope I do not have to use them again, if we do have a claim Des would be the first person we would contact.

I do wish Des and LMI all the best for the future and we are so grateful that they were available.

02 September 2016